2023 Praise Church Prophetic Declarations  

As we Cheerfully Give in Tithes and Offering, We Declare:


•Blessings and Increase 

•Activation and Acceleration

•Promotion and Financial Freedom

•Delays and Disappointments are Demolished.

•Depression, Fear, Anxiety, Confusion are Broken off my life!

•My Soul is Prospering.

•I have Kingdom Covenant Rights and Relationships.

•All Covenant Breaking Spirits are Broken off of my life, my family…and Praise Church.

•Witchcraft and Satan’s plans are Broken off of my life, my Family, my Future, Health, Wealth…my Pastors and Praise Church.

•I Call in Life-Giving Relationships and Declare that all Draining Relationships are being Removed. 

• The Devourer is Rebuked by God and the Enemy has NO hold over my Possessions, Peace or Family.

•My Mind is being Conformed into the Mind of Jesus Christ, and I will have the Health to enjoy God’s Blessings.

•I Lack Nothing and Live in Abundance.

•No Weapon Forged Against Me Shall Prosper.

•Every Tongue that Rises up against me Shall Be Condemned.

•This is the Heritage of the Servants of the Lord. 

•This is not a Hard Thing, but an Easy Thing for Those Who are in Covenant with God, and Obey His Word.

•I Now Bring my Tithes and Offering into God’s Storehouse by Faith, Expecting the Windows of Heaven to Open, and an Outpouring of Blessings to Come Upon Me and My Family, Including the Generations to Come. (Malachi 3)